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propagating perennials: Steel edging
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Steel edging

When I did design/build in Denver most of the plants purchased were from Alameda Wholesale Nursery, because their range of plants went from 1 gallon to 8" caliper, but the one thing that I definitely purchased was their steel edging. Yes it eventually rusted, unpainted, and in time they came out with a rubber cover because the steel would cut a child if they fell on it. It came in ten foot sections and had pins, like hangers bent in half, to keep the edging in place. The one good thing about using steel versus the plastic crap garden centers sell, is that you could pound the edging into the turf with a sledge and it would automatically cut the sod so if there were areas where sod had to be removed for a bed, the sod was already cut. Since I used free flowing lines, a bane of the sprinkler guys, it was a snap to lay out the bed with the edging instead of guesstimating with the junk plastic edging. Grass never grew on the other side of the edging and plants didn’t grow into the grass, since it was 4" deep and 14 gauge scrap galvanized rolled top steel. One had to wear gloves carrying it and it was floppy. If only someone would produce edging like that everywhere gardeners wouldn’t be so frustrated keeping their beds in place and the expense of buying painted edging that eventually rusts away is costly.

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