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propagating perennials: Armoracia rusticana-Horseradish
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Armoracia rusticana-Horseradish

Propagating Armoracia or Horseradish is done differently than most of your herbs, root cuttings, whereby you dig up the plant and slice off pieces of the root then replant. From my experience, in Upstate NY, Oswego County, I owned land that was a catch basin of sorts for water that had a muck soil, great for gardening, and no matter if we had a drought or not, the grass and Horseradish always flourished. Since I didn’t cultivate the plant, I’ll presume seeds from the plant propagated themself although I’ve read that the plant itself is sterile. Supposedly it is an evergreen from Zones 5-9, but where I lived it was most definitely Zone 3 and it remained evergreen. “Don’t always believe what you read” when you know differently. It has a fragrant white flower and reaches upwards of 2' in height and I doubt deer would browse and can become invasive if left to its own devices. A good plant to have if you enjoy hot sauces, because they prefer a moist composted well draining soil.

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