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propagating perennials: Polemonium-Jacob’s Ladder
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Polemonium-Jacob’s Ladder

Propagating Polemonium or Jacobs’ Ladder can be accomplished either in the spring or fall by digging up the clumpy parent plant and dividing into how many transplants that have good root systems. In warmer zones Jacob’s Ladder is evergreen and its foliage, fern like and mostly variegated, often dress up a shade garden, leaves burn in sun, besides their bluish tinted flowers that produce blooms in May through July while deadheading will extend the blooms or it is a prolific self-seeder if you allow the flowers to go to seed, since they are fragrant and attract butterflies. Also deer resistant, the plant reaches a height of 15"-30," and prefers a moist soil.


keewee said...

I keep forgetting to buy a Jacobs ladder for my shade garden. thanks for your post, it reminded me to put this plant on my shopping list for today.

bullthistle said...

I am glad I gave you a reminder to spend some money.

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