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propagating perennials: Pratia “Celestial Spice”-Celestial Spice Pratia
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Pratia “Celestial Spice”-Celestial Spice Pratia

Propagating Pratia is best done in the spring or fall by digging up the rooted branches that spread out from the parent plant. Be careful this is a tiny plant. This is also one plant that will not take to drought and blooms from late spring throughout the summer so plant in semi shade not in the afternoon sun since it prefers a moist well draining soil. This is a plant that might be started in the spring from seed because it is only hardy in Zones 7-9, it has deep blue flowers, there is also a white variety, it reaches a height of 1"-2" and takes light foot traffic, useful amongst pavers and it is even used for a small lawn planting or for patio containers. It is evergreen in its perspective zones. Prune in the spring.

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