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propagating perennials: Vaccinium vitis-idaea-Lingonberry or Cowberry
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Vaccinium vitis-idaea-Lingonberry or Cowberry

Propagating Vaccinium or Cowberry can be accomplished in different ways and the most popular is by hardwood cuttings in September/November, or by digging up the plant and cutting off a piece of the root then transplant, or since it is a creeping groundcover woody plant, layering might be another option, if the soil is friable. Cowberry, which is the name used in the U.K. is in the Heath family and is similar to cranberry, its red fruit is bitter tasting, it prefers an acidic soil, like blueberry, is evergreen and hardy down to Zone 2., prefers a moist soil, bog like, in either full sun to partial shade. It has a pink bloom in June/July and grows upwards of 1' plus. I will presume it is wildlife resistant since its leaves are on the leathery side.

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