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propagating perennials: Asteriscus maritimus-Gold Coin Beach Daisy
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Asteriscus maritimus-Gold Coin Beach Daisy

It is stated that propagating Asteriscus or Gold Coin Beach Daisy can only be accomplished by seeding or terminal tip cuttings but because of it growth habit this is one plant where layering might be another option since its stems seem to be strong and it’s evergreen in Zones 8-10, but like many other warm climate type plants that bloom throughout the summer planting seeds where it is considered an annual could be beneficial. Its bloom are yellow, it is in the Aster family, they attract butterflies, the plant is deer resistant and drought tolerant, except for layering. It reaches a height of 8"-12", prefers full sun and thrives along the shore line.

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