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propagating perennials: Daphne
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Monday, March 30, 2009


Propagating Daphne can be done either by semi-hard tip cuttings in September or by layering since it is more of a woody plant and not a perennial. There are numerous varieties, standard and dwarf, but the blooms of all varieties are very fragrant and come mostly in varying shades of pink, but there is a purple variety and many have variegated leaves which also adds interest in the garden bed. Blooming periods vary according to the variety. Daphne odora or Winter Daphne, reaches a height of 3'-4' and blooms after the snow disappears but other varieties bloom later however all varieties are poisonous and prefer shade without afternoon sun. When I lived in Amherst, MA, a professor had a garden of Daphnes although not hardy per se in that zone, Zone 6 is the limit, with ample snow cover they will survive as long as they are protected against the wind. Depending on the zone they can be either semi-evergreen or evergreen and are deer resistant.

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