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propagating perennials: Leptinella gruveri-Miniature Brass Buttons
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Leptinella gruveri-Miniature Brass Buttons

Propagating Leptinella or Brass Buttons can be done at anytime of the year either by digging up the clump and dividing the crown or by digging up the rooted rhizomes that spread out from the parent plant. It is only hardy and evergreen in Zones 7-9 and prefers shade to partial shade that retains moisture year round because a drought may cause it to become dormant but will green up with water. Its blooms are insignificant and is used in the cracks of walkways or walls because at best reaches a height of 1" and could be used as a lawn in areas that are constantly shaded as long as there is moisture, so not under shade trees.

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