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propagating perennials: Sporobolus heterolepis-Prairie Dropseed
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sporobolus heterolepis-Prairie Dropseed

Propagating Sporobolus or Prairie Dropseed is difficult and should be done after cutting back the grass in the spring. It’s tough to propagate because of its deep fibrous root system and you should at least break off a clump that is more then 2" in diameter and if you are successful it will take up to 5 years to mature however it will not flatten under heavy snow cover like most other grasses which is why it is preferred by some for winter effect. It prefers a sandy soil and is drought resistant when mature, white flowers in August/September, the fragrant scent can be compared to cilantro or burnt popcorn and reaches a height of 30". Its fine leaves have an orange glow in the fall, age to copper or tan in the winter and is deer resistant.

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