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propagating perennials: Agave virginica-Aloe
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Agave virginica-Aloe

Propagating Agave virginica or Aloe can be propagated either in the spring or fall depending on the process used because the plant spreads by rhizomes and produces “pups” or the flower stalk produces bulbils that can be planted in the ground after flowering. It completely dies back to the ground in winter, hardy down to Zone 6, prefers an alkaline sandy/rocky moist soil and drought/heat tolerant. Its flower spikes are fragrant in June/July and can reach a height of 48" but the plant itself reaches a height of 12"-15" and the bloom color is yellow or green, but other varieties offer variegated or spotted leaves and a different bloom range such as the Blue Agave which is used to make Tequila.

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