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propagating perennials: Hierochloe odorata-Sweet Grass
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hierochloe odorata-Sweet Grass

Propagating Hierochloe odorata or Sweet Grass can be done in the spring either by locating new stolon growth or digging up the parent plant and dividing. This plant is widely used in Native American ceremonies and prefers a moist but sunny location and in some areas it is labeled as invasive, but is used to stabilize banks. Its blooms are insignificant but it leaves serve many purposes one of which when dried it is used as incense or another when soaked in water it can be used to treat windburn or chapping and when sown together with the stitches treated with flax it becomes water resistant. The leaves give off a scent of fresh mown hay or vanilla, reach a height of 10"-20" and is deer resistant.

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