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propagating perennials: Zauschneria(Zosh-neer-ee-uh)-California Fuchsia
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zauschneria(Zosh-neer-ee-uh)-California Fuchsia

Propagating Zauschneria or California Fushsia depends who you ask or what variety you chose. Some Zauschneria varieties produce underground rhizomes that can be dug up and transplanted, most say to start from seed or cuttings, but you can also divide to roots or you can layer, it will self seed as well, but the plant must receive afternoon sun to keep the soil moist in that instance. Zauschneria blooms from July to September and the flowers can range from pink to orange to red. It is a plant that attracts both hummingbirds and butterflies but not deer. It does not like wet feet in the winter and is drought tolerant once established but slugs could poise a problem. In warmer climates it is evergreen and is healthy down to Zone 3. It can become rangy in winter so pruning back in the spring will help its appearance.

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