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propagating perennials: Sedum-Stonecrop
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Friday, January 30, 2009


Propagating the succulent Sedum or Stonecrop can be done by division, either spring or fall, by digging up the plant and dividing the crown and separating the plant with a good root system for each transplant or taking the blossom rosettes out in the spring when pruning and burying them in a well drained soil. Sedum prefers full sun, is deer resistant, attracts butterflies, honeybees but some varieties don’t bloom until the fall and the rest in the spring, and varieties can range in height from 6”-24”. Their flowers can be pink/mauve or yellow, but it is the variegated, blood or black colored leaves that make them stand out in the garden where they need little attention, love humidity, and are evergreen. Sedum tend to become leggy when not cut back in June.

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