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propagating perennials: Jasminum-Jasmine
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Propagating Jasminum or Jasmine can either be done by cuttings or layering, anchoring a branch to the soil with a bent portion of a wire hanger, which from my perspective is easier if the soil is at optimum, well draining. Basically there are two types of Jasmine, winter and summer. Summer is white, blooms July to August and fragrant and winter is yellow and not fragrant, there is also a pink flowering variety. Either one can be used as a climber or as groundcover in full sun or partial shade. The winter blooms in late winter/early spring on bare stems, although it is considered an evergreen in Zone 6 and higher, is deer resistant and needs to be pruned after flowering if used as a climber. Jasmine is drought tolerant after maturing and can reach 12' in height.

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