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propagating perennials: Erysimum-Wallflower
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Propagating Erysimum or Wallfower by division can be hard because the plant becomes woody with age, lasts only 3-5 years, so many suggest a heeled softwood cutting, 2", after flowering or by seed at 70 degrees, which can take up to two months to germinate. It is an alpine type plant which will take full sun but not drought. It will reach heights of 12"-23". Although an evergreen it may not survive the winter in Zone 6. It blooms from spring through to mid summer, which are fragrant and the flowers attract butterflies and different varieties have different colors which range from yellow to orange to purple and Wallflower is deer resistant. It becomes leggy so after blooming trim back so the bush fills out.

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