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propagating perennials: Carex-Sedge
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Friday, December 5, 2008


Propagating Carex or Sedge which is similar to Liriope’s growth pattern, rhizomes, underground root systems forming new plants away from the parent, so just dig up the “kids” in the spring and transplant. Some people prefer Carex over Liriope, generally as equally hardy in the same zones, but the blooms on Liriope are far more attractive, Carex’s is brown and blooms earlier in late spring to early summer. Generally the same leaf variations, green, variegated and for Carex there is a white leafed variety. Carex is evergreen in warmer zones and is deer resistant. It grows to a height of 8"-12" and will do well in either partial shade or full sun but needs a moist rich soil where Liriope seems to do well in poor soil conditions.

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