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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to Spring!

The confluence of blooming colors in the spring makes one appreciate the suffering we all endure during the dreary and sometime tumultuous winter months, knowing full well of what lies ahead. When I first moved to the Carolinas I told friends that driving down some of the streets in spring was what it must be like when we get to heaven. The color is dazzling and mind boggling, like the photo to the right, taken in my back yard one spring. Azaleas, magnolias, dogwood, redbud and spring bulbs in garden beds all contribute to the “right of spring” although a fierce rain storm can wipe that all away in an instant which is why it is important to take photos to keep those memories alive especially with the increase of digital cameras something never envisioned growing up when wringer washers were all the rage. How times change with technological innovation leading the way. How many of us envisioned communicating with another person halfway around the world without spending more of our income by getting on the telephone, but then we don’t really know of that person’s expertise either because some profess to be “experts” when in fact all they tend to do is to spread rumors by innuendo criticizing anyone that confronts their unscientific “theories.’ The Internet has its good points, but it also has the bad which at times seems to outweigh the good. Technology seems to have made our lives easier, so why then are our lives so busy? Sometimes we must stop and smell the roses, instead of taking that next pill to get us through the day.

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