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propagating perennials: Perwinkle
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Monday, March 3, 2008


Another plant that is easily propagated for the woodland garden bed is Vinca Minor or Periwinkle. A bright blue flower appears in early spring on the evergreen plant and sporadically throughout the summer. The plant prefers moist soil which generally exists with an overhead canopy, but it can flourish in a bright sunny garden bed, but it will need water in order to become a healthy specimen. The procedure to rooting cuttings is similar to Phlox Subulata(below), because unless the soil is healthy roots aren’t found at every node, so there will be waste of greenery to gather cuttings to root. Gather 6 branches to obtain a healthy plant and cut back the tops to about 6 inches and strip off the bottom leaves. It will take six months to get a good root system, in a one gallon container, to transplant, but be sure to start cuttings before the new buds break or before flowering in late winter, because as you can see in the photo it is already flowering on March 1st, in Zone 7.

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