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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I was doing some research on the ‘net and came upon these sites that I thought might be beneficial. I found out there is a dwarf weigela whose blooms are dark purple although last time I checked weigela was not a perennial. I know weigela blooms profusely but they get so leggy after a while. This site list states that offer internships. for those of you who have children or know someone that might be interested in horticulture.
This site has most everything you want to know about “perennials.” Drought resistance, colors, shade or sun, tall or short. I have been away from plant material for a while and have forgotten more than I retained, so I will use this site as I try to relearn what I’ve lost, because I go into forums and some of the plants seem strange and some of today’s practices seem out in left field, I guess because of “global warming” which is proving to be pie in the sky, except for coal fired electricity plants and private aircraft, both of which are beyond our control. Of course we all have plants that we dislike for one reason or another and plants that we cannot find locally that we know will grow in our yards. I remember I came upon some tree diggers that brought hemlock down from the mountains and everyone told me “it’s too hot” in Charlotte. I’ve had them for a dozen years and not one problem except for the neighbor’s vine that wanted to strangle them. Roundup on the sly cured that problem..


GardenJoy4Me said...

I like breaking the rules of what and what not can grow in our zones .. just recently I sang my song of achievment with Golden Jubilee hyssop .. still have the smil on my face .. BUT .. obviously Spring is NOT here yet and what IF it doesn't come back this year ? LOL

Lori said...

This is an interesting blog and I'd love to spend more time exploring it but the light gray text on a black background is almost impossible to read. Also the link to the comment posting is invisible unless one moves the cursor around guessing that it's out there somewhere to be highlighted. But since you allow only Blogger/Google comments, perhaps you're not interested in them.

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