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propagating perennials: Melittis melissophyllum “Royal Velvet Distinction-“ Bastard Balm
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Melittis melissophyllum “Royal Velvet Distinction-“ Bastard Balm

This particular Bastard Balm was patented in the Netherlands so propagating it for sale is illegal, however for private use because it is a self-sower there is a chance your gardens will flourish however dividing the root ball in spring will give you another opportunity to increase the number of plants. It belongs to the mint family so its leaves have the fragrance of honey. It is native to Western Europe so its USA Zones are 5-9. This particular variety’s blooms are orchid like, white with a red lip, that will bloom from late spring until early summer and deadheading will not make it re-bloom. Its flowers are attracted to butterflies, bees and birds, the plant will reach a height of 12-14,”will do well in either full sun or partial shade and needs a well draining moist soil.

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