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propagating perennials: Asclepias curassavica-Bloodflower
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asclepias curassavica-Bloodflower

Propagating Bloodflower unfortunately is only done by seed, cutting or possibly layering since it is a native of South America and is only hardy in Zones 8-10. Since it is a great food source for Monarch butterfly caterpillars, often denuding the plant in the spring, many people use containers to grow the plant from seed in the spring in colder zones. The plant does attract aphids and gets mildew but attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and moths outweigh the risks for many. It does grow up to 36," blooms year round in its zone and is also evergreen. The flowers are orange-red and pinching back the top produces a bushy plant, however its sap can be poisonous and is not drought tolerant.

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