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propagating perennials: Polygala chamaebuxus “Multicolor”-Evergreen Milkvetch
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Polygala chamaebuxus “Multicolor”-Evergreen Milkvetch

There are different varieties and flower colors for Polygala chamaebuxus but Multicolor blooms are yellow and pink that flower in late spring. Propagating Polygala can either be done in early summer or fall with fall being the preference especially if it is planted in full sun but okay if planted in partial shade. It’s flowers are either pea or orchid shaped and is hardy in Zones 6-9, however it requires a low pH just like azalea and rhododendron and the soil must be well draining and contain lots of humus or compost. It reaches a height of 4"-6" but cannot handle foot traffic, is drought tolerant and like its common name is evergreen.

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