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propagating perennials: Phyla nodiflora-Turkey Tangle Fogfruit
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Phyla nodiflora-Turkey Tangle Fogfruit

Propagating Phyla or Turkey Tangle Fogfruit is done easily in the spring by cutting off the stolons and replanting. It prefers a well draining soil and is sometimes used as a lawn in warmer climates since it is evergreen, however there seems to be a disagreement as to what zones it is hardy, some say 9-10 and others say 6-10, so I will presume it is deciduous in colder zones. In warmer zones it will bloom year round but as the zones become cooler the bloom period varies from spring through summer to just spring. The flowers are both male and female. The color of the bloom varies as well from white to light pink. It reaches a height of 2"-4" and will take foot traffic and it’s flowers will attract honeybees and butterflies, is deer resistant, and drought tolerant after becoming established.

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