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propagating perennials: Heliotropium arborsecens-Heliotrope, Cherry Pie
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heliotropium arborsecens-Heliotrope, Cherry Pie

For those living in Zones 9-11, lucky you, propagating Heliotrope can be done either by layering or by soft tip cuttings in the spring. Heliotrope is a evergreen soft wooded sub-shrub, or a sturdy perennial that is great as a container plant, without afternoon sun exposure. It needs moisture, it will not withstand drought. There are many varieties of heliotrope but this variety comes in white, violet or purple and blooms midsummer, July through to frost. It is fragrant, the scent of cherry pie, butterflies love the nectar, it reaches a height of 12"18," and is a native of Peru. If you have room for winter storage this is a great container plant for colder zones.

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