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propagating perennials: Cardiocrinum giganteum-Giant Himalayan Lily
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cardiocrinum giganteum-Giant Himalayan Lily

Propagating Cardiocrinum or Himalayan Lily is done after it flowers, the plant dies, which takes place three years after planting the bulb or seven years after planting the seed, if they germinate, by digging up the parent bulb and separating the side bulbs from the dead parent and transplant so that the nose of the new bulb is planted sticking above the surface. It is important that after the flower dies that the seed heads are cut off so energy is given to the side bulbs. It is important when planting to dig a cubic yard of soil out and fill it back in with compost and manure because it needs a moist shaded woodland effect. It blooms in June/July and it has fragrant trumpet flowers, similar to the Easter Lily, that can rise as tall as 10'. Obviously it is from the Himalayas and one must be careful of slugs which raise havoc. This is a perennial that needs care initially giving it plenty of organic fertilizer but if you cannot wait three years for it to bloom don’t bother.

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