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propagating perennials: Cyclamen hederifolium-Hardy Fall Cyclamen
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cyclamen hederifolium-Hardy Fall Cyclamen

It’s stated that Cyclamen can only be propagated by seed, it is a profuse self seeder, but it forms a tuber from a corm and I have known examples when people have broken tubers apart and were successful in transplanting, but they were either lucky or more knowledgeable then most. When the seed capsule splits that’s the time to sow the seed in a composted damp mixture in the shade or allow the birds to do the work for you. Hederifolium is the hardiest of cyclamens, it is native to the Northern Mediterranean, blooms from August until frost, and flowers appear before the leaves. This cyclamen is pink but there are white, purple and red varieties as well, hardy to Zone 5, and deciduous in the colder zones. The blooms are fragrant, deer resistant and this is one perennial that will grow under large deciduous trees, i.e., maple, oak, and still bloom. It doesn’t mind dry soil in the summer or wet soil in winter. It reaches a height of 4"-6".

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