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propagating perennials: Allium neapolitanum-Naples Flowering Onion
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Allium neapolitanum-Naples Flowering Onion

Propagating Allium or Naples Flowering Onion can be accomplished by allowing the plant to prosper then dig up the parent plant and separate the bulbils from the parent bulb or allow it to self seed on its own, however be aware it can become invasive in the Zones it thrives in, which are 7-10. This is one plant that does not like moisture except when transplanting bulbils so it does not like clay soils. It prefers full to partial sun. Its characteristics remind me of the wild onion that seem to sprout up in my lawn even after I assumed I eradicated all the bulbs, however the blooms are white and fragrant and attract butterflies. It is deer resistant. The leaves die back in summer after reaching a height of 12"-16" and is native to the Mediterranean.

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