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propagating perennials: Pachypodium namaquanum-Club Foot, Half-man’s
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Pachypodium namaquanum-Club Foot, Half-man’s

This South African native has a woody stem so either propagate by cutting or seeds and besides it is called Half-man’s because it resembles a man from a distance and because of folklore that man was frozen. It is poisonous, flowers in mid-spring and its blooms are red. It flourishes in Zones 10-11 and gets as tall as 10'. The head or the top of the plant always faces north because in winter in the Southern Hemisphere the sun is the strongest from the north.

1 comment:

Beth Behr said...

Great blog and pictures! Very informative, thanks! I find it pretty funny that it is called half man and is poisonous! Coincidence?

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