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propagating perennials: Lewisia tweedyi-Tweedy’s Lewisia
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lewisia tweedyi-Tweedy’s Lewisia

Propagating what I believe is one of the most colorful perennials, born and bred in the USA, Pacific Northwest, and a cinch to propagate is lewisia. When I say to propagate you remove the off-sets or pups, what brings to mind are strawberries. You remove the umbilical cord that runs from the parent to the “baby” and plant. Varieties range in color from white, pink, coral and yellow and prefer a soil drainage of crushed gravel because the crown will rot if too damp. Also like most colorful perennials lewisia attracts snails, slugs, aphids and mealy bugs. It also prefers morning sun, average moisture, and planting beneath a well drained dripline is optimum. It will bloom from mid spring until early summer, reaches a height of 6-12", is evergreen and will grow in Zones 5-8. Be aware deer love to snack on it!

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