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propagating perennials: Eupatorium cannabinum “Florio Pleno”-Double Hemp Agrimony
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eupatorium cannabinum “Florio Pleno”-Double Hemp Agrimony

Propagating Double Hemp Agrimony is as easy as digging up the main plant in spring, before new growth, and dividing the clump into how many transplants you desire. It is a native to Europe where it is used as a commercial cut flower. Under optimum growing conditions the plant can reach 8'. The plant can be invasive in a small garden which prefers an evenly moist soil in either full sun or partial shade. Its flowers are fragrant, at least the doubles are, and will attract butterflies but not deer nor rabbits. Its stems are purple and blooms are a purplish pink that will flower mid summer until early fall. During the founding of the USA, colonists used the plant to treat malaria. Hardy in Zones 3-9.

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