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propagating perennials: Stipa gigantea-Giant Feather Grass
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stipa gigantea-Giant Feather Grass

Giant Feather Grass should be used as a speciman plant in a windy location because it prefers cool summers and mild winters but is hardy from Zone 6-9 and in the former it is evergreen but should be cut back in early spring before new growth takes off. It can be divided in the spring but it will take some hacking to achieve division. It does not do well with a winter’s wet soil. It’s tan spikes start in early summer and can last through the winter and of course deer will not munch. It will reach a height of 8-10 feet so it could possibly be used as a screen with ample space. It is native to Spain, Portugal & Spain and is drought tolerant.

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