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propagating perennials: Lunaria biennis-Money Plant or Silver Dollar
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lunaria biennis-Money Plant or Silver Dollar

Propagating Lunaria is simple, it is self-seeding and is a biennial, like Columbine, so it doesn’t bloom until the second year then dies, but if you don’t deadhead you will not have a problem because some say it is an aggressive plant so don’t put in front of your bed. There is also a perennial, Lunaria rediviva. It is commonly called the Money Plant or Silver Dollar because its seed head resemble a silver dollar used in fall/winter arrangements. The plant zone is 2-9 so it is hardy and is deciduous, however birds and butterflies like the plant which blooms from April-June and the colors range from purple to lilac to white. It prefers a moist well draining soil in partial shade to full sun and will reach a height of 36". It is native to Central & Southern Europe.

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