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propagating perennials: Callicarpa americana-American Beautyberry
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Callicarpa americana-American Beautyberry

Propagating Beautyberry by division can be frustrating since it has a tap root but it can be done only if the plant is mature enough which can be accomplished by pruning the plant down to 12" in the fall and patiently wait for the crown to at least double in size, divide in the spring, otherwise you may have to employee either root or soft tip cuttings. It’s fall berries are amazingly beautiful and the photo I took was on my lot north of Raleigh, NC, and is first growth after bulldozing the lot otherwise I never would have noticed it although it does have pink flowers in summer. It is native from Zones 7 and up usually in moist to low rich bottomlands and mine is growing in full sun. Unfortunately deer enjoy the leaves but birds and butterflies enjoy the flower nectar, the seeds for birds, and average height is 3'-6' and sometimes to 9' tall. A plant to enjoy in the drab months of winter.

1 comment:

NellJean said...

I never tried propagating by division. They seed about everywhere here. It would be good to know how to divide a plant that looked better than all the rest, though.

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