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propagating perennials: Petrorhagia(pet-ro-RAY-jee-a) saxifraga-Tunic Flower
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Petrorhagia(pet-ro-RAY-jee-a) saxifraga-Tunic Flower

Petrorhagia saxifraga or Tunic Flower is best accomplished in the spring by digging up the root ball and dividing then transplanting and it is similar to but shorter then Baby’s Breathe. It is a groundcover that is evergreen in warmer zones, above 5, and reaches a height of 6"-8". It is a prolific self seeder if flowers are not deadheaded, is drought tolerant, and prefers full sun. It will bloom from May until August and colors vary from pink, violet and white and does best in a well draining soil, either sand or clay.

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