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propagating perennials: Rumex sanguineus-Bloody Sorrel
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rumex sanguineus-Bloody Sorrel

Propagating Rumex or Bloody Sorrel, which in some places is considered a weed, it can be an aggressive self-seeder, can be done in the spring by digging up the rooted rhizomes that spread out from the parent clump. Its seeds can remain viable in the soil for years so be careful where you plant it. This variety has reddish-green leaves that are veined red and purple and the seed heads are reddish-purple as well and remain a long time, so remove if you want it contained. It’s tap roots go deep into the soil, if you ever tried removing dock from your lawn, a cousin, you’d know, and prefers a fun sun exposure in a moist well draining soil, it has no bloom, is evergreen in warmer zones and sometimes its leaves are cooked as herbs, a lemony flavor, is not deer resistant, and grows to a height of 15".

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