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propagating perennials: Cotoneaster
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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Cotoneaster, a fast growing semi-evergreen groundcover type woody plant is the next to propagate by layering. Remember layering occurs when a plant spreads along the ground and sends out roots under optimum soil conditions. Not all branches, just some. Depending on the climate usually if the branch is pruned early in the spring and potted in a good sand/manure mix with bone meal, one should have a sturdy new Cotoneaster to plant in the landscape garden bed by fall. Make certain the branch that is planted in rooting medium is pruned back to about 6 inches so when it starts growing it will branch out in two or more different directions. Rooting hormone is not necessary. Cotoneaster is an semi-evergreen with small red berries in the fall and landscape designers usually use it to flow over walls or in rock gardens because most varieties cascade with the new growth appearing at the top with the old growth dying underneath.

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